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Set up a Event and Payment
Input media in article
Input a link from another site
Embed a video from the church's website
Input a link on your own site
Input a PDF-file
Input a Image-file
Make an Menu items
If an article is locked
Upload Large Files
Edit Contact

Input media in article.

Put the cursor there you want the media (youtub file) to be appears. Then follow these steps.


  1. Select “Media”
  2. Select “Media Type” JCE Media Player
  3. Enter the URL
  4. Insert and Save the article

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Input a link from another site

  1. Input the URL.
  2. Input the text to be shown in the article.
  3. Choose to be open in new window.
  4. Insert and Save the article.

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Embed a video from the church's website 


Browse to the media you like to embed from church website.

  1. Click on “Get Code” and when
  2. Click on “Copy Code”

Open your article

  1. and click on (3)
  2. Past the code (“Ctrl” + “V”) (4) where you want the media to be shown.
  3. If needed change the size (5) of the media. The visitor has always ability to see the media in full screen.

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Input a link on your own site


Similar to the “Input a link from another site” Step 2 and 4 is the same.
Skip step 1 and 3
But to get the URL in your own site you need to browse to an Content or a Menu.
After “Insert” save the article.

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Input a PDF-file 


First: Open an article.
Put the cursor there you want the link to the pdf-file and give it a name Tex. 2013 February.

  1. Highlight the text 2013 February and click on (1).
  2. Upload the pdf-file
  3. Browse to the pdf-file you want to upload
  4. After you selected your file click Upload
  5. Make sure that you really selected the pdf-file. Than Insert 

    Notes the link and the text

  6. Click the Insert and save the article.

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Input a Image-file


First: Open an article.
Put the cursor there you want the Image to be appear. 

Click on (A) then upload as shown for PDF-files.

  1. Choose the Folder (1)
  2. and the file (2)
  3. If needed change the sizes of the image (3)
  4. and Insert (4)

Save the article.

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Make an Menu items 


First, make your article and “Save and Close”

  1. Select “Add New Menu Item” (1)
  2. Give the menu a name (2)
  3. Give a short alias name (3)
  4. Select where to put your menu in the Root or as a submenu (4).
  5. Select the “Menu Item Type” (5)
  6. Select the type “Single Article” (6)
  7. Select the article to be shown. (7)
  8. Save and Close (8)

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 If an article is locked


If it happens that an item is locked (1) by another user, select the article (2) and
unlock by clicking on "Check in" (3).

NOTE: Be sure that no user is about to update the arikeln.

The reason that the article is locked, can be: (1) someone has not "Save & Close"
or (2) "Close". 



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Upload Large Files

When you upload large files select 1 then 2 and then3.

Open the folder where you should place the large file. (4)
Or create a new folder (5)
Start uploading the file (6)


Drop the file in area (7)
Or lookup file (8)
Exit load up (9)
Wait until the file is uploaded. "Close"
Depending on the type of fill you just uploaded, select previous documentation
to link to, or view a file in an article


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Edit Contact

Select Menus (1)
Select Main Menu (2)
Find and sekect Kontakt (3)
On the right you'll find the Basic Options and Form fields Events and Security
Here you can edit the Contactform.

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Do you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us here 

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Event and Payment 

Here are the documationation from Event Booking at Joomdonation 

If you having any question please don't hesitate contact us

Event Booking is already installed on all sites.

  1. Check the Configuration to find out in General Settings the Currecy Code, Curency symbol and Number of decimal. Don't forget to Save & Close
  2. Check the payment methode PayPal or Stripe on Payment Plugin
    1. PayPal plugin is already installed att all stake i Sweden has an PayPal account.
    2. PayPal mode must be Live mode if not using PayPal change to Test Mode
    3. Event Manager: Edit Event you need to type the PayPal email. Email notification to the person you like to have all the how register for the event, if not just live it blank. 
    4. If using Stripe (Stripe Checkout can be found at In Stripes Plugins Parameter must be in Payment Mode = Live and enter informations in Public API Key, Secret API Key and Signing Secret found in you Stripe account.

Set up the event.

  1. Go to the event and open it.
  2. Enter all needed information. If using Discount do not enter a price
  3. Discount Settings. Discount Amount(s) no entery, Early bird discount (Enter what discount amount), Early bird discount date, Late Fee Amount and Late Fee Date 
  4. Make a Costum Field like What Days or Participate. 

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