When and Where is Festinord 2015?

Festinord 2015 takes place in Denmark in Aarhus stake.

Festinord 2015 probably takes place 27.7.–1.8.2015. Last day for signing up is probably 31.5.2015! 

What is Festinord?

Festinord gathers together all LDS young single adults (18–30 years of age) from the Scandinavian countries. The event has been held almost annually in Scandinavia since 1966. Festinord offers all its participants interesting activities – lifting up both unity and spirituality. Read more about the history of Festinord.

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Instructions for participants!

Important information will be sent to participants via email and posted at Festinord.org during March-July. (Program details, workshop sign-up, what to take with you, arrival and departure info etc.)

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